is a holistic healing method that is in harmony with nature and operates on the mental, psychic and physic level. It helps people to overcome acute as well as chronic diseases, acts as a supplement to conventional medical therapies and is able to relief pain and suffering for example in palliative stages.

Dr. HahnemannDr. Hahnemann

“The highest ideal of healing is fast, gentle and permanent recovery of the health or the extermination of the sickness in its whole extent in the shortest, most reliable and least disadvantageous way, in accord with clearly visible reasons.”

Samuel Hahnemann, Organon of the Art of Healing, § 2

James Tyler KentJames Tyler Kent

“A homoeopathic doctor is someone who adds specific knowledge of homoeopathic healing arts to his medical knowledge and observes the law of similars.”

James Tyler Kent

Bellis perennis

“As a musician I cannot help believing in homoeopathy because a violinist knows how much his whole expression depends on the tiniest, most subtle and infinitely small and fine shift of tone.”

Lord Yehudi Menuhin

Hypericum perforatum

“If a chemist examines a homoeopathic drug he will only find water and alcohol; if he examines a diskette, only ferric oxide and vinyl. Still, both of them can harbour a great deal of information.”

Dr. Peter Fisher
lead researcher at the Royal London Homoeopathic Hospital