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Claudia Wichmann

Claudia Wichmann

Homoeopathy has been a part of my life for many years. My daughter was still an infant when she suffered from a bad middle ear inflammation. We were living in Italy back then, and the paediatrician gave her an antibiotic, which was the usual way of treatment. Unfortunately, the inflammation kept returning. A good friend recommended me a homoeopathic product which helped immediately. This was the initial spark for my love for homoeopathy. Subsequently, I steadily kept learning evermore about homoeopathy and its applications for private domestic use. For constitutional treatment we have been trusting in professional homoeopaths from then on.

Since Central Switzerland has been our home, I could realise my dream of turning my passion into my career: Under the conduct of the internationally known homoeopath Dr. Mohinder Singh Jus and his wife Dr. Martine Cachin Jus I enjoyed a profound education in medicine and homoeopathy with more than 6000 hours of lessons and training at the SHI Homoeopathic College in Zug and graduated with a diploma after four years of fulltime studying. I am proud to have studied and learned at one of the leading professional schools for naturopathy in Europe.

Thanks to the many internships in homoeopathic surgeries and in the Swiss Paraplegic Center Nottwil as well as thanks to the independent treatment of my own patients under supervision I could collect a broad spectrum of experience during my studies already. Especially memorable and educational I perceived the three weeks long internship in Goa, India in the Shri Kamaxidevi Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital.