The possibilities of homoeopathy

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offers possibilities for treatment of acute as well as chronic diseases for people of every age and condition.


spanish fly

Cantharis vesicatoria – Blister beetle

Acute diseases are e.g.

cold, flue, stomach flue, middle ear inflammation, cough, pneumonia, inflammation of the bladder, lumbago / lower back pain, colic, trachoma, and much more

Chronic diseases

occur over a longer time or in a repeating way, e.g.

headache, concentration disorders, learning disorders, allergies, rheumatic diseases, neurodermatitis, eczemas, depression, acne, sleeping disorder, lung conditions, asthma, heart diseases, menstrual cramps, epilepsy, and much more


Bellis perennis – Daisy 

Thanks to the side effect-free treatment with potentised drugs homoeopathy is also suited for treatment of pregnant women, infants and children.

Physic, psychic and mental conditions can be treated as well as palliative conditions. Homoeopathy is known to help the recovery after surgical procedures as well as against the side effects of the anaesthesia.